A New Jersey home inspection by Inspector Seltzer will identify any areas of concern with your home. Home buyers, he can help you by pinpointing these issues:

Exterior of your house

The exterior inspection of your house may begin at the entrance steps or ground level entrance areas, which are high use areas and (especially in houses over five years old) may be in need of general maintenance. Mike will also assess any concrete deterioration and stoop rotation, which happens when there is heavy settlement on the foundation of a concrete, stone, or brick stoop, causing it to rotate back into the foundation of the house. In assessing the exposed areas of your house’s exterior, including the foundation, side walls, roof line, and any additions, Mike will look for squareness and vertical plumb. Your inspection will reveal cracking or other issues of structural concern.

Walls, Floors, Trim and Ceilings

Proceeding inside, Mike will conduct a visible inspection of the exposed areas of the interior framing, with an eye to any structural problems. Where possible, Mike will inspect the main beam, lolly columns, rim and floor joists, as well as all other components of the structure. He will pay special attention to the levelness of the floors, because floors that have a noticeable slope are an indication that there may be a structural problem. In older homes, some settlement can be expected but serious problems may be identified and avoided in this way.
Mike will also be on the lookout for wood rot, functional support columns, the condition of the main beam and floor joists and the condition of the sub flooring, if visible. He will also look for cracks, displacement, stains, and water damage, and will assess the overall structural condition of the interior.

Windows and Doors

Your doors and door hardware will be inspected for condition, function and squareness with the door opening. Mike will pay particular attention to windows. In older New Jersey homes, the window are frequently original, so there may be issues of fit and insulation. On the other hand, many newer homes have Thermopane windows, which may have developed seal problems around the edges of the panes. Where the seal is broken, moisture can get in between the panes of glass, leading to permanent fogging of the window and necessitating the replacement of the affected panes. Mike is great at identifying this type of problem.

Electrical Outlets

While inspecting the interior, Mike will test your fixtures and electrical outlets for grounding and general working condition. He will be on the lookout for over-use of extension cords, which may signal wiring or other problems.

Heat Supply

Mike will examine each and every room in your house to ensure that it has its proper heat supply. If the previous owners have taken out or replaced radiators, closed off the heat register, removed the baseboards, installed a new system, he will assess the functionality of all units.


Proceeding through the house, Mike will carefully inspect all stairs. He knows that uneven step rises and missing or damaged hand rails can produce hazardous conditions and may be a leading causes of serious injury in the home.


Your kitchen and all appliances will receive special attention at Inspector Seltzer. Mike will thoroughly inspect the sink, plumbing, stove and oven, store vents and fan. All appliances will be checked, including dishwasher, garbage compactor, refrigerator, disposal unit and microwave oven. Cabinet doors, drawers, countertops, floor covering, walls, and trim will be thoroughly inspected.


Because bathrooms produce a heavy amount of moisture, Mike will closely examine each. He will evaluate the sinks, bathtubs, toilets and showers. The floors and walls will be inspected very carefully for possible water damage. Vents, plumbing and the electrical outlets will also be inspected with special attention to grounding and function.

Garage and Attic

Where applicable, your inspection will cover the garage and any attics. Mike will look carefully at the condition of attached or detached garages, including garage structure, roof, electrical, windows and doors. Special attention will be given to the garage doors and any automatic openers, including opener safety features.

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